As you all may know, the tentacles of the L.A.S. Worldwide Organization reach far and wide, across the seven seas and around the world, from the highest echelons of the lizard illuminati into the lowest reaches of the criminal underworld - the very dregs, filth, and scum of the Earth. 

 With moles in the FBI, CIA, IRA, UDA, KGB, MI5, MI6, Italian Mafia, Mexican Mafia, Yakuza (Japanese Mafia), Pусская мафия (Russian Mafia), and Bozozoku, we are more than equipped to keep a finger on the pulse (and elsewhere), keeping you informed of the inner workings and machinations of the planet. 

 But it's important to not forget about what goes on at home, in our own backyard as it were, and trust us when we say that you're about to see why - in this shocking exposé.

 As you have correctly assumed, we have a mole entrenched deep in Mayor Bloomberg's offices here in New York City, and with the aid of a secret miniature camera purchased from a magazine we are able to reveal to you these disturbing plans to convert the whole of New York City into a massive prison.

 In these schematics, created with the use of sophisticated computer technology, we see the planned "Containment Wall" and the conversion of Liberty Island into a "Security Control" station.

 The existence of the Twin Towers in these disturbing images indicates the planning stages have been in effect since before September of 2001, possibly originating during Mayor Giuliani's tenure, in keeping with his notorious Gestapo tactics and what some felt was a heavy-handed approach to city management.

Here you can see that construction has already begun on the city's west side with high fencing near Pier 59 (cleverly disguised as a golf driving range).

This final image below reveals a possible Nuclear Failsafe Plan (NFP) to destroy the entire island if the prison population becomes uncontrollable and/or unprofitable.



Our source at Rikers Island Prison revealed conditions there to be highly overcrowded, and this may be the root of these plans - at this juncture it is difficult to ascertain when full activation will commence but it is advised that NYC residents and tourists leave as soon as possible.

Rikers Island - Photo by LAS-NYC SKYCAM 

We will continue to monitor the situation.

Thankyou for your support.

- K.M.


  1. Alvin Stardust FanClub GermanyDecember 1, 2012 at 8:03 AM

    this ist distrubing

  2. This freaks my shit yo


    1. Nice screen captures of the opening of "Escape from New York". A movie made 1981 by John Carpenter. Cant believe no one commented on that.