This week's selection for ICON of STYLE needs no introduction.

Known for his roles in Deliverance, Smokey and the Bandit, the Longest Yard, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The Cannonball Run, and of course later his return in Boogie Nights, he has always displayed a certain affinity for the good life and a level of taste and class that has lifted him above the mundane.

He turned down James Bond producer Albert Broccoli's offer to replace Sean Connery astutely recognizing that an American actor simply should not play 007.

He dated Tammy Wynette. He also dated Dinah Shore, who was twenty years older than he was. He married Loni Anderson.

He then divorced Loni Anderson.

He wore a toupee AND a mustache. He has a high pitched laugh. His tax issues are surpassed only by Willie Nelson.

You need that jacket.

Few people can pull off the 'wetsuit during the day' look...

This week's ICON of STYLE IS Burt Reynolds.



Volume Two of the Interactive Sound+Vision Series (I.S.V.S.) -  this time featuring Angelyne, the kooky Billboard Queen of Hollywood, with her story told by Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols (while he was in the Neurotic Outsiders) in his song "Angelina".

A very 1980's product of plastic surgery, narcissism, and someone else's money....

Click on the music player and look at the pictures...

"I can feel myself getting more and more famous every day."

- We do realize that some of you 'sleazeballs' might like to "interact" with Angelyne in certain "other" ways, but LAS-NYC just isn't that kind of website, sorry.

POST SCRIPT MARCH 13 - "Anonymous" sends in this sighting of Angelyne on Santa Monica mere hours after reading about her here on LAS-NYC

POST SCRIPT JUNE 21 - Another sighting of Miss Angelyne in sunny Los Angeles - photo sent to our offices by someone referring to herself as only as "Teenage Soccer Lesbo"...

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