Dr. Feelgood, by Julien Temple..

Those of you who've seen Julien Temple's "The Filth And The Fury," the great Sex Pistols documentary, and "The Future is Unwritten," about Joe Strummer, of course, will no doubt want to check out Oil City Confidential, his latest rockumentary, this time about the world's heaviest R n B Pub Rock outfit, Dr. Feelgood.

"Pub Rock," a misleading name for what was often a vaguely 70's British take on country-rock, is often touted as one of many precursers to punk, and was no doubt legitimately just that, but rarely would anyone today make that connection without a history lesson, except in the form of bands like Joe Strummer's 101'ers, Eddie and the Hotrods, and Dr. Feelgood.

This documentary is only released in the UK and Europe at the moment, but sanity would dictate that it should be available eventually in the US on DVD.

Here's the trailer...