My 1970

@Jeff Milburn's shop in Dallas, Tx.


  1. I have been to Milburn's shop in Dallas, Tx.
    I was completely surprised by the full-on free coffee bar with
    barista! this craft service style set-up didn't just stop at coffee.
    No! Jeff had included an 'omelet station' as well!
    This too was complimentary. Had I known, I would have worn
    my good shoes as the free shoeshine stand was unoccupied.
    I was able to take advantage of the free bundle service.
    Jeff said that he does this for the kids that come by the bus load for the free tour.
    The next time that you're in Dallas give Milburn a visit. It's a little oasis
    of civility in the desert of industry.
    Bring a hearty appetite, wear your good shoes,have your dirty clothes
    handy and prepare yourself for an hours long conversation with Jeff.

  2. Ah yes! I too have been there - next time try the Latka's - "to die"!! They are the best Latka's west of the Mississip!

    I also got the radials on my '78 Tercel balanced. I get 40mpg in that lil' mofo all day long.

  3. Nice shovelhead.