We Miss You Razzle!

R.I.P., December 9, 1984

Tragically, on this day in 1984, Nicholas Dingley, aka "Razzle", rock 'n' roll drummer extraordinaire, was killed in a car crash in Los Angeles, California.

We all do miss him.

Now if it seems to you that just a week ago we here at Lost At Sea NYC Magazine Worldwide (LASNYCMW) were wishing him a Happy Birthday, you're right, and while he was born on December 2nd, and then died on the 9th of December, it's important to recognize that it was a December 9th TWENTY-FOUR YEARS LATER, making him age 24, not a 7 day old infant.

*EDITORS NOTE: The editor would like to state that LAS-NYC is in no way a Razzle fan page, despite our admiration and respect for the man - it's just been a busy few days for him.

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  1. Yes Razzle drum is very well!!

    Hello from Italia!