Wonder Products of the 21st Century

Many of you have written us letters and emails complaining of nocturnal breast discomfort and the resultant back and neck pain, not to mention the concern over developing 'breast wrinkles'. So in our continuing effort to be sensitive and supportive to the needs of Women (Ladies), LAS-NYC is pleased to present a true Wonder Product of the 21st Century - the Kush Breast Support System.

It offers support for:
Side Sleepers
C-Cup or Larger
Breast Implants
Chronic Lactators and Nursing Mothers
Prevents Cleavage Wrinkles
Post Operative Recovery
Neck and Back Pain

No longer must you "simply tolerate" the pull of gravity on your lady lumps, or sleep on your stomach (ultimately hyper-extending your back and spine, thereby actually HEIGHTENING the problems!), nor must you recruit your husband or sympathetic neighbor to provide support and security throughout the night.

Simply place the Kush Support between your breasts and sail off into a restful nights sleep.


  1. Is this even real?

  2. can i use this on my ballz? oh! nevermind.