The Secret Public

At the Boo-Hooray Gallery in Chelsea - Linder Sterling and Jon Savage: The Secret Public - Punk Montages, Photography and Collages 1976-1981. Sterling and Savage did posters and flyers for the Buzzcocks, Joy Division, and Factory Records, as well as the early punk fanzine "The Secret Public", with some of the first use of the Xerox cut and pasting technique that would soon become common in the punk world. Also on display are several photographs of parts of London during the time, decaying and barren, almost unrecognizable now after years of population explosion and "urban renewal"..

Early Gen X flyer with first drummer, Jon Towe, who later joined the Adverts..

A short video for your pleasure...

Boo Hooray
The Steven Kasher Gallery
521 West 23rd Street
New York, NY, 10011

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