Killer Lords

A poetic journey into dementia compliments of punk's first supergroup, the unrivaled Lords of the New Church, starring Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys, Brian James of the Damned, Dave Tregunna of Sham 69, and Nicky Turner of the Barracudas..

Tale of Two Cities

Copulation explosion spreads disease
Premature evacuation into the sea
Two cities erected by Babylon's whore
Sodom and Gommorah destroyed once more

Tale of two cities, tale of two cities

Celluloid dreams of thin transparency lives
Silent screams of glazed carnivorous eyes
Civilization built on social decay
Hollywood's burning, San Francisco slid in the bay

Tale of two cities

Round black glass shoots up in the sky
Looking just like a dirty syringe
Energy vampires suck limousines
The locust ate their gods
Lepers on the loose release the torment of rejection so long ago
Metal masochists leather stud stars
Legends in their own minds

Tale of two cities

- From their album "Is Nothing Sacred?"

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