The Future is NOW...

Many of you are no doubt familiar with the Dyson line of Vacuum Cleaners, and many of you are probably OBSESSED with "ball technology", but even if you're not, you'll have to concede that the people at Dyson have managed to surpass even themselves with their latest re-interpretation of an almost obsolete product. It's the Dyson AIRBLADE and it really is the most exciting thing in the world of Hand Drying to come along in quite some time.

If you've ever been in Las Vegas and walked into one of those wide doorless open entrances to a casino, you'll remember that it's like a wall of cool air coming down, as you leave the outside heat. That's how the Air Blade works - a focused blade (more like a squeegee) of air blasting at your hands as you pull them from the little machine. You put em in wet, they come out dry, in one move. In wet, out dry. That simple. Your hands have never been dryer, and all without the nightmarish over dried demoisturized cracking skin you normally expect from a hand dryer. SO exciting.


  1. I just used one of these in a sushi restaurant - i f'in LOVED IT!!

  2. But i couldnt get my balls in there...