Driving in Style with L.A.S....

For the discerning motorist, living in style goes far beyond a nice jacket, or the right shoes. A pair of gloves, a nice pair of Carrera sunglasses, and a Fine Automobile round out the package, but still a question remains - which car best suits your persona? What's your "thing"? Are you a rocker? (Camaro) A fake rocker? (Fiero) Are you an Ivy League fraternity prick? (MG) A fashionista? (Fiat - Fix It Again Tony) How about a gay man? (70s Corvette) Or a hot chick? (70s Corvette).

Keith Moon drove his Cadillac into a pool, Marc Bolan drove his Rolls Royce "cuz it's good for my voice" (but died in a Mini), Little Alex and his droogies drove a stolen Durango 95, and Klaus Meine and Rudi Schenker from Scorpions love to drive "fast German cars like Porsche und Mercedes on the Autobahn at 100 miles per hour" (160 km).

Karl Monroe, of Lost At Sea, prefers the Aston Martin Lagonda. Reviled by some as "hideous" and "absurd", this over 17 foot long (only 4'3" in height) luxury V8 cruiser came straight out of the future in 1976, and featuring pop-up headlights and computerized LED instrument display, was able to cruise comfortably with four passengers at over 140 mph. Designed by William Townes in the "folded paper" style (rolling origami), all were hand-built, and absurdly expensive. The V8 engine was inefficient, and produced only single digit mileage. The digital display (first ever in a car) was unreliable and the headlights didnt pop-up when they were supposed to. But these are minor details.

Over 17 feet long!

It's only 4'3'' tall.

This was Evel Kneivel's...

We highly recommend getting one, if you have the means...

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