Trifecta of Shame

In a time when the U.S. of A has slipped to an appalling 18th dumbest in the world's educational rankings, it's important to not overlook the value of learning in our day to day lives. A broad understanding of art, sociology, and even psychology allows us to lead more rewarding lives, and makes us better people, and a better country. But it's equally important to remember that "all work and no play makes Jack a dull lad". So, in our continuing effort here at LAS-NYC to bring you all the best life has to offer, we again shift our focus to literature, in hopes that a combination of all these things will enrich your lives, and help restore this country to greatness!

So, this week, we'll have a look at three important books. The first is film related, a study of the artistic and commercial side of cinematography, and it begs the question, "If you can get paid for doing what you love, is it even working at all?". "Pornography for Fun and Profit", written by James Harvey (Edka Books, Inc), puts a magnifying lens on the world of film erotica, "zooming in" on the techniques and methods required to become a successful pornographer, and through this, a person of high esteem in the community. A must for any ambitious auteur.

An understanding of sociology often helps us to navigate through the tricky twists and turns of society's more negative constructs. Some women are beleaguered with problems, often guilt and shame. NY Times bestseller "Nice Girls Do", by Dr. Irene Kassorla, teaches us that it's okay for women to give in to the poking and prodding of men (50% of the population), and allow themselves to be the sensual beings nature programmed them to be. Again, a MUST for any woman seeking to be taken seriously in modern society!

Finally, in order to function optimally in today's world, we must accept that not everyone can agree with us, all the time. Many resist the notion that "our way is the right way". This is where a bit of psychology comes in very handy. "Get Anyone to Do Anything and Never Feel Powerless Again" by David J. Lieberman, Ph.D., not only teaches us how to avoid being manipulated and taken advantage of, but also how to TAKE CONTROL OF EVERY CONVERSATION AND SITUATION! Imagine the possibilities when armed with this mental weaponry - the world, quite literally, becomes "your oyster"...

Now it's easy to read a few books, and even embrace their lessons, but it's important to remember to APPLY them in real-life situations. I personally have had great success using a combination of these arts and sciences, and i'd like to share one story with you right now, here, in this forum. I had a friend, who doesn't speak to me anymore, we'll call her "Lucille" - who was always talking about Hollywood and wanting to be in films, "being an actress", etc, blah blah blah. I mentioned to her that i not only was a bit of a "filmmaker" myself, but that i embraced ALL the arts, and gave her a bit of literature to read, specifically James Harvey's filmmaking/pornography book i mentioned earlier. She took it, and a few days later, on the weekend, we discussed it over a glass of Zinfandel and Kools, but she admitted she had some reservations. I explained how "that was natural", and again recommended a book to her, this time "Nice Girls Do", by Dr. Irene. She took it, and the following Tuesday, during a phone call she revealed that while the book had "freed" her somewhat, allowing her to 'get in touch with herself', she wasn't entirely sold on the particular film treatment i had suggested, an erotic adaptation of "The Horse Whisperer". Well, now it was me who was posed with the dilemma, but, turning again to science and the arts, i APPLIED THE LESSONS i personally had learned in Dr. Liebermans's book, and approximately eight days later finished editing "The Vagina Whisperer", which is now screening at an all-nite matinee on 42nd Street.

Be all you can be America!!