In the sleazy underbelly of society lurks a sordid and disgusting underworld of crime, shame, and punishment. Robbers, hoods, bozos, scalywags, pimps and pushers, drifters, nomads, gypsies, tramps, and thieves, bunco artists, pill-heads, nibblers, twits, delinquents and meatballs, nipples, molesters, desperados, buttnuts, punks, arsonists, pickpockets, fruitloops, free-loaders, boosters, pederasts, needlemen, flops, binkies, phonies, wall-flowers, muppets, creepy-crawlers and ding-dongs are all out to cause problems and ruin your day. It's tough to stay looking sharp, and few did it better than Jim Rockford, private investigator. Rarely seen in less than some type of checked houndstooth blazer, a tasteful button-down, and a nice pair of trousers, (often accessorized with a pair of smoked sunglasses), you could count on him to take care of business - IF you could afford his rates ($200 a day plus expenses - about $1,100 per day in today's troubled economy).

I believe it was Tipton Newquay from the U.K. who said, "you can buy fashion, but you can't buy style"- and Jim Rockford exemplified this to the fullest. Never ostentatious, his vehicle of choice was a '77 Firebird and he lived in a trailer on the beach. And as consumate ladies' man, Jim wasn't the type to kiss and tell, but since it was a TV show, we the viewers eventually did find out about these shenanigans.
Its his combination of street smarts, taste, and a panache for clean living, that makes Jim Rockford this week's ICON OF STYLE.