Tattoo of Russian Kriminal

RUSSIAN JOKE - Man was walking through Leningrad Square. Woman come to him and say, "Is that pistol in pocket or you are just happy to see me?" It was pistol. Man was KGB. Woman was never seen again.

The new edition of Russian Criminal Tattoo is out now, it's the third installment of this series, and, like the previous two, it's full of tons of great tattoo ideas you'll want to get yourself, but probably shouldn't. Packed with black and white photos of tattoos and the criminal maniacs who have them, and nice illustrations of many others, this book is a must for the discerning tattoo freak or any aspiring hoodlums on the make...

It's available in bookstores and online now, and a second edition of Volume 1 is available on pre-order as well....

Get the T-Shirt here.

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