Do The Worm On The Acropolis...

In an effort to broaden our cultural horizons i felt it was important to include some literature - a book review.
After all, wasn't it that famous NAMBLA member Alan Ginsberg, who said on 'Ghetto Defendant' by the Clash, "Do the Worm on the Acropolis - slamdance the cosmopolis - ENLIGHTEN THE POPULACE"?

So this week's selections are "The Black Leather Barbarians" by Pat Stadley, and "Get Your Cock Out" by Mark Manning.

As you can see, Black Leather Barbarians has enticing, heavy-duty cover art, basically saying, "Take me home - it'll be great, i promise!". But like cab ride home with a debutante who's had one too many champagne spritzers, SOMEBODY'S gonna be asleep before there's any fun to be had - but in this case it's you, the reader.

But "Get Your Cock Out" delivers in spades. It not only lives up to the cover art, but surpasses it, and could very well be the most obscene, disgusting, TITILLATING, and entertaining book i've ever read, and i've read alot - at least 25 or 26. Mark Manning (aka Zodiac Mindwarp) has hatched new genre of Ultra-Violent Futuristic Rock n Roll Sleaze/Druggie Filth/Groupie/Gay Commando Bike Gang "Noir", not too unlike a printed version of one of his records, and it i think we would all benefit if he wrote some more in this vein.

Sadly, G.Y.C.O. might be hard to find now. It was published by ATTACK! Books a few years ago, and i think i bought it at a Tower Records for seven frogpelts (American) but i think ATTACK! (and Tower) is no longer around, so good luck finding a copy.. :(

BUT, click here for a listing of books about your favorite punk bands..


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