The Goose, MFP

Two great scenes from one of the best movies ever, Mad Max. The Goose, Main Force Patrol, on his Kawasaki K1000, aka 'Kwaka' - I always loved this bike - turns out there are people making replicas of it all over the place..

This is an ad for a japanese company making replica
parts - i tried to contact them once but got no reply, apparently
no one else has either...

The word is that production of Mad Max IV, "Fury Road",  is still planned according to director George Miller, but it won't include Mel Gibson, who no longer wants to be involved, and Miller also mentioned the possibility of it being animated, which could be ok I suppose if done right.. According to 'certain people' close to me, I sometimes imagine things in the worst way, not the best way, so maybe i'm being negative, but i should mention that George Miller was also responsible for "Happy Feet" which is an animated movie about "penguins"...

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  1. When you look to the night sky remember the NightRider!!